In 2010, Full Effect Group was established as a 501 c3 non-profit organization with the purpose of providing a safe haven where inner-city youth participate in a comprehensive program of journalism. We supplied the necessary resources to local schools for training students interested in gaining skills, knowledge, and firsthand experience in the field of broadcasting, communication, and other related areas of expertise. This journalism program has been a recipient of the Verizon Foundation Grant Award. As an USTA grant recipient of Grow The Game of Tennis, allowed Mingo Tennis to offer activations in NYCHA.

In addition to training individuals to develop or improve skills as amateur radio operators, we are now seeing kids enjoy the game of tennis. As they hit forehands and backhands, yelling “nice shot” from across the net, they are developing well-stroked balls, and more importantly, good sportsmanship and social skills such as learning how to shake hands cordially at the end of a match. This provides kids with a sense of respect


The objective of Craig Mill Community Fun Day is to inform and educate youth in Craig Mill on internet awareness, the importance of staying in school and being a role model in your community. We have a five year goal of having 20 to 30 kids in the Full Effect program.

Providing three computers in a center, where kids ages 5-13 can utilize for weekly use.
In addition, Full Effect Group recognized individuals in Craig Mill for their work promoting success among youth through education and mentoring. Donation helped support the construction project of Craig Mill Basic School.


Full Effect Group Community Day
This fun fill day of events will feature broadcasting education seminars, spoken word, live music & performances, giveaways and networking. The objective of Brooklyn Community Fun Day 2023 is to inform and educate the individuals on internet radio broadcasting, the importance of staying in school and being role models within the communities. Donations and profits from the event will go towards Full Effect Group future Community Day events.

VIBE Youth is a program that engages older youth (16-21) to participate in a cultural and community engagement program that focuses on tennis. Program begins April 1st thru June 30th which includes tennis skills and learning opportunities. Upon completion of 40 hrs the program will provide each youth a stipend of $15 an hour. Students will meet virtual twice a week for hour and in person on court for 2 hours each week. The programmer will provide list of community events. There will also be a public event at the end of program. Please sign up by April 30. All must be participants must be NYC resident. Click here for more information.

Sickle A Cell Fundraiser
This forum is made possible through SCTPN’s community outreach committee. One of the main focuses of this committee is to provide non-medical support services to individuals living with sickle cell disease that will empower them and improve their quality of life.